Hawaii Video Podcasters

Are they “vodcasts,” “vidcasts,” “vlogs” (“video blogs”) or something else? Some have dubbed them “video podcasts,” hence, this brave new world for the Hawaii Association of Podcasters. While pundits continue to debate what they’re called, creators are charging full steam ahead in producing independent, serialized video content.

  • AlohaWorks Videocast
    Featuring original aloha2go.com content about locals, kama’aina and Pacific islanders adventures off island. Also available via streaming.
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  • Michael Isdes — Lost in Hawaii
    Lost Hawaii plans to bring you the best Hawaii has to offer.
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  • Roxanne Darling — Beach Walks with Rox
    Join Roxanne in Hawaii and her dog, Lexi, for their daily video Beach Walk where she talks about life, business, relationships, and answers your calls.
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  • Ryan Kawailani Ozawa — HawaiiVog
    A geek dad in Hawaii, videoblogging his life in paradise. Also available in various formats.
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  • Tom Gaupp — Hawaii Surf Session Report Vodcast
    Daily surfing video podcast from Hawaii. Watersports action from all around Hawaii mixed with good music and packaged like a surf video.
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  • Vernon Brown — 808TalkTV
    Same great stuff as the 808Talk podcast, but now with a little visualization to stimulate both your ears and eyes.
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