Who Are We?

Despite the highfalutin name, the Hawaii Association of Podcasters is merely an informal `ohana of podcasters, wanna-be podcasters, and podcast fans living in Hawaii (or sharing some other link to the islands). We are excited about the growth of this medium — broadly, the distribution of original audio content over the Internet — and believe the technical and creative minds in Hawaii have a lot to offer this burgeoning global community.

We’ve yet to develop an official mission, let alone think about memberships, meetings, and the other things that make an association an association. We have lots of ideas about what we might do, from education to advocacy, but for now, we’re just a talkstory group of geeks. And given the nature of our passion, much of our collaboration takes place online. Mailing lists, Skype calls, and casual lunches will likely be our primary means of communication.

While we’re all new to this, the great thing is, just about everyone else is, too. We invite you to join the conversation, to help spread the word, and to encourage more voices to join the growing podcasting chorus.

Let’s Hui:

We have a Hawaii Association of Podcasters group on Facebook. We’ve retired our mailing list on Yahoo.


The Hawaii Association of Podcasters logo was designed by Roxanne Darling of Bare Feet Studios in Kailua, Hawai`i. The HAP website is maintained by Ryan Kawailani Ozawa of HawaiiUP. (Questions and comments about this website should be directed to Ryan at ryanozawa@gmail.com.) The HAP was conceived on Feb. 17, 2005, by Ryan, Burt Lum, Larry Geller and Bob Lew.

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