Soft Launch

The Hawaii Association of Podcasters site is up, with a few links and some basic information. Of course, we don’t know if we’re an association, a guild, a club, or what… or who “we” are, for that matter. But we’ve got to start somewhere.

For the record, the group was born following a Feb. 17 talkstory lunch with the Bytemarks group, which that day consisted of Bob Lew, Burt Lum, Larry Geller, and Ryan Ozawa. What happens next? Stay tuned and find out.

One thought on “Soft Launch”

  1. Wonderful start for the pod hui Ryan. Please count me in – I’ve done all of one on my personal site, and intend to be doing regular casts soon on the business site. I’ll LYK when it’s ready for public release. I look forward to meeting soon.
    Aloha, Roxanne

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