Podcasting: Applications for Business

On Monday, March 28, Bare Feet Studios will be presenting “Podcasting: Applications for Business.” Partners and podcasters Roxanne Darling and Shane Robinson will explore how this technology can serve your organization.

  • Learn what podcasting is all about, from the technical “how-to” to the affect it is having on information delivery.
  • Watch a live podcast be recorded, processed, uploaded to a web site, then downloaded to a portable MP3 player, all during the workshop.
  • Learn five ways that podcasting can be useful to business and government organizations—everything from customer service to marketing to homeland security and emergency management.

This free, noon-time seminar will be hosted by the University of Hawaii’s Pacific New Media center at the UH Downtown Campus, located on the lower level of Pioneer Plaza at 900 Fort Street. Space is limited, so please RSVP to aloha@barefeetstudios.com or by calling (808) 262-9409.

Bare Feet Studios has been providing Internet services to small and medium-sized businesses since 1996. Based in Honolulu, with a regional sales territory in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we have customers throughout the United States. It provides long term customer service, from strategic online business planning, to site design and development, hosting, support and web site marketing.

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  1. Thanks Ryan! I expect to have the specifics confirmed by EOB on Monday.

    I am working on an invitation list. If you know of movers, please send them over to me. We are still new in town, and looking forward to meeting more of the business community. (And really don’t want to overlook anyone.)



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