Town Square, Upcoming Events

Hawaii Public Radio has uploaded the MP3 audio file of the March 24 “Town Square” talk show focusing on podcasting. You can grab it here — but be forewarned, it’s a 55MB MP3. Remember, you can subscribe to catch all “Town Square” shows as they’re posted online via Larry Geller’s fan blog.

Don’t forget! Monday, March 28 brings “Podcasting: Applications for Business,” a free lunch-hour seminar at the UH Downtown Campus (900 Fort Street, Lower Level). Learn about podcasting, and hear five ways that podcasting can be useful to business and government organizations. An actual podcast will be created during the seminar!

Then, on Thursday, April 7, HAP cofounder Bob Lew will present “Podcasting: Talking to the World or Anyone Who Will Listen.” It will also be a lunchtime brown-bag presentation, also at the UH Downtown Campus.

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