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Roxanne Darling and Shane Robinson at Bare Feet Studios have posted a great video clip of the recent Hawaii Association of Podcasters dinner at Shokudo. [hap-dinner-051201.mp4] Watch HAP members introduce their podcasts as they enjoy a wonderful evening of friendship and food. The video was even mentioned on Adam Curry’s popular Daily Source Code podcast on Thursday (#303).Here’s what Curry said:

I got a link to a piece of video from the Hawaii Association of Podcasters who just had a meeting the other day up in… I don’t know where in Hawaii. And it’s really cool because in the video, some of the people are talking… they met at this great restaurant, great food, and they had that all in video. But really what was cool is they were talking about how they… what it felt to me like is that the podcasters in Hawaii, finally they’re able to free themselves and spread some of their culture, which is… There is a definite culture going on in Hawaii. Local news, local music, and they’re able to spread that around now, because really there wasn’t an economic model, particularly on the cost side, to get that stuff out. And it’s really nice to see that, and I think we’re going to see more of these, really, locations that just because the economic models of installing broadcasting infrastructure would never allow that culture to flow out. Now it’s starting to happen. I can’t wait to see that happen, for example, in Jamaica, that’s going to be fricken’ awesome.

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