Amplifying Island Voices Through the Hawaii Creators Podcast

The Hawaii Creators podcast is a new show that will be spotlighting the stories of talented creators across the Hawaiian Islands.

As part of the Hawaii Creators community, the Hawaii Creators podcast will be hosted by founders and veteran storytellers Peter Kay and Ryan Ozawa. In each episode, they’ll tallkstory with artists, performers, writers, musicians, and all kinds of talented creators from Hawaii to discuss their journeys and creative passions.

Each engaging, accessible conversation will cover topics including:

  • Origin stories of how the guests got started and found their way to where they are now
  • Candid perspectives on overcoming self-doubt and imposter syndrome
  • Tips for taking first steps into content creation and putting yourself out there
  • Insights into building a sustainable career around what you love
  • Talking about the thriving community of creators in Hawaii and avenues for collaboration

The goal of the podcast aligns closely with the broader mission of Hawaii Creators: to spotlight the islands’ creative talent, foster an inclusive and supportive environment for all types of creators, facilitate inspiring collaborations, and help the next generation feel empowered to find and share their voices.

This podcast aims to become a valuable master class and oral history library chronicling the journeys of Hawaii’s most intriguing and talented people.

The first batch of Hawaii Creators podcast episodes will be released next month. Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast app so you never miss an inspiring story. And if you are—or know—any Hawaii-based creators you’d love to hear featured on the podcast, please let us know!

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